Reinventing Customer Experience.

Helping Brands reinvent customer experience to attract and engage customers both in real world and virtual world.

About us

is a Spatial Computing Startup that helps brands reinvent customer experience to captivate audience’s attention and engage them both in real world and virtual world. We provide immersive experiences that allow your audiences to interact with your brand in memorable ways.


Covering everything from concept to development, we accelerate the creation of solutions for your campaigns and brand experiences, even when faced with tight deadlines.

Fair Pricing

While being recognized internationally, we provide solutions at locally affordable pricing, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.


With our proprietary WebAR technology, you can proceed with your project without worrying about platform limitation, as we have the technology in-house.

Accelerating brands' presence into the spatial computing era.

Our Solutions

we love what we do.

With immersive solutions, Marketers can run interactive marketing campaigns or create next-gen immersive brand experiences that engage customers to amplify brand awareness, start customer relationships, convert more sales and achieve retention goals.


interactive marketing campaign solutions

Interact people who don’t want to be interrupted with commercial messages and create interest in our brands by making them love or think or inspire.


Immersive Event experience solutions

Innovate your events to provide memorable brand experience. Host virtual event in a metaverse or activate immersive experience at your physical event.


immersive retail & commerce solutions

Transform shopping experience by integrating high-realism AR technology into customer touchpoints, allowing customers to virtually try on your offerings with ease.

Our solutions

Our Solutions & their Use Cases.

Interactive Marketing Solutions

1. Social AR Marketing
2. Gamification Marketing

Immersive Event Experience Solutions

1. Virtual Experience
2. Virtual Event
3. Interactive Installations at Physical Event

Immersive Retail & Commerce Solutions

1. 3D Preview Placement 
2. Virtual Try-on

AR Marketing
Gamification Marketing
Event & Experience
AR Commerce

they love us.

Our Clients

Our Happy Clients

Breaking free from traditional marketing norms, our gamified AR portal developed by transformed audience participation into a rewarding adventure, achieving precisely what ABC Extra Stout desired. This success marks one of brand's notable accomplishments.
Lynn Htet Yan Naing
Blink Agency was able to make the best of the Good Morning AR Campaign within the time available. The project development time is also very fast. It can be done within 2 or 3 days. I thought it would take about a week. We are also satisfied with that. The KPI of the campaign was also achieved as expected.
Waiyan LinHtet
Becom Solution

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