How Cosmetic Brand used Digital Sales Promotion Tools

Coupon Tools Use Case: Melvita – Durable Coupons

Melvita is an international retailer of durable body, face and home products. Since it’s foundation in 1983 they’ve only been growing. Developing natural and organic products have always been their main focus. That’s one of the reasons they were searching for a more durable coupon approach rather than using traditional paper. Getting in touch with Coupontools was a first, great step to make this happen.

How the campaign worked:
First, Melvita created a regular mobile coupon using the convenient Coupontools software. 

For the distribution of the coupon, Melvita Hongkong chose Facebook. They have 285k page likes, which resulted in a strong, natural reach for the campaign. Customers who stumbled on the coupon, had to register themselves in order to unlock the discount. MelvitaHK used the social login option (Facebook or mail) which really simplified the user registration. Users could also register in the traditional way, by entering their personal details. 

When successfully registered, the customer has access to the discount. They had the choice to either use it immediately or save2email, to use it later. This coupon page also included an overview of all the participating redeem locations. 

For the validation of the digital coupon, clients have to show their coupon to the cashier at the redeem location.  The cashier enters the unique location password on the customer’s mobile device for secure validation of the mobile coupon, guaranteeing every coupon can only be used once.  

Why this approach:
MelvitaHK opted for this approach to enrich their customer database. Using mobile it’s not about handing free discounts. It’s giving away strategic discounts with a return of investment in the shape of customer data. Using Facebook as a distribution method, resulted in a very accessible discount coupon for the audience. The validation process, using unique passwords for every redeem location, made it possible for MelvitaHK to track the Coupon validations per location. It granted insights such as which location is the most popular.

The Campaign Summary:

  • MelvitaHK created the coupon using the Coupontools software
  • Expiry counter displayed on the coupon
  • Distribution through Facebook page
  • Social login simplifies user registration
  • Unique validation password per redeem location
    • On mobile device validation
    • Track the success of the locations separately
  • Vital intel in the usage of the coupon
    • Amount of opens
    • Amount of claims
    • Amount of validations
    • Amount of validations / location.