McDonald celebrated Lunar New Year with AR, AI and a clunky metaverse experience

McDonald’s has partnered with Karen X Cheng, a popular web content producer, for a Lunar New Year ad campaign. The 30-second ad, which takes inspiration from Cheng’s personal memories of the holiday as a child, includes a QR code for viewers to access additional campaign materials. The spot ends with a QR code that leads to other campaign assets, like an Instagram AR filter that shifts from a depiction of the Year of the Dragon to another artistic rendition of a fellow woodland creature for the Year of the Rabbit.

To make the Lunar New Year more immersive for customers, McDonald’s has introduced a variety of metaverse experiences using virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D animation. These include virtual reality zoos, culinary contests, and traditional Chinese games like Weiqi and Mahjong. Additionally, McDonald’s has created a customizable 3D avatar and built-in messaging system for users to chat and exchange photos. The metaverse can be accessed on the official McDonald’s website.

Let’s break down what metaverse elements are involved in this campaign. The first one is Ad that is utilized a technology called neural radiance fields. The ad’s use of NeRF technology comes as AI begins to emerge as a key technology for marketers.

Second one is Instagram AR filter that is created by Digital Artist, Karen X Cheng. Rounding out the campaign is an AR filter on Instagram that uses a 3D illusion to transition from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit.

McDonald’s has also returned to the metaverse with another Lunar New Year activation on Spatial, featuring artwork and sculptures of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals on pedestals with an array of golden arches behind them. McDonald’s will host a Year of the Rabbit celebration on Jan. 25 and a night with the artist on Feb. 2 in the virtual world.

You can enjoy above experiences via this link. This Lunar New Year experience campaign helps Mcdonald to provide a deeper level of engagement and connection with consumers by immersing them in a brand’s world and values. This can lead to a more memorable and emotional connection with the brand, ultimately increasing brand loyalty and positive perception.

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