Use Case: Bottega Verde Italy from Coupon Tools

Bottega Verde is the No.1 beauty brand in Italy, with over 6 million customers worldwide. The company produces and sells cosmetics based on natural active ingredients. Their product assortment consists of extensive collections in skincare, nature products, makeup, fragrances and more.

With the help of Coupontools’ mobile marketing software, Bottega Verde Italy was able to create multiple campaigns (with and without gamification) to distribute their special offers to their customers and target audience. They decided to use Coupontools’ regular digital coupons, “Scratch and Win” coupons and “Spin and Win” coupons. All three of the campaigns contained different offers. Bottega Verde Italy used Facebook ads to target their audience. Not only were the offers distributed on their website, they were also sent out via bulk SMS messages to their database, wherein each message contained a link to a coupon.

Why Bottega Verde Italy Chose Coupontools
Bottega Verde Italy chose to use Coupontools’ platform because its flexibility allowed them to set up different campaigns using many different approaches.

They liked Coupontools because:
– Inside each coupon, the redeemable locations can be shown on Google maps
– The number of redemptions can be tracked per location
– Each coupon contained a unique barcode which could be scanned at the redeemable locations
– The multilanguage system allowed them to later extend their marketing campaigns to other countries outside of Italy, where they are also active
– Through multi-channel distribution, they were able to distribute their coupons through any digital marketing channel, including SMS messages, social media, websites, etc., all through a single platform

The Results
Bottega Verde Italy achieved very positive results from their various mobile marketing campaigns with Coupontools.
Example results for the month of July 2018: 64490 views, 10055 plays, and 8803 claims