Reinventing Customer Experience

Building next-gen Brand Experience with Immersive Solutions

Enable brands to successfully attract and engage with consumers at every step of the customer journey with our immersive solutions.

Reinventing Customer Experience

Today, with every company has a similar offering thus, the battle among brands is to create the best possible customer experience to convert sales. Augmented reality and Virtual Reality can offer better customer experiences (online or physical space) to convert more sales. 

Accelerating brand presence in the metaverse.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are transforming the way marketers and brands interact with their customers. The new AR/VR experiences are engaging consumers and enhancing interactive experiences with customers to create memorable unique brand experiences.

Create a stunning immersive experience at customer touch-points to enable interactive brand engagement. AR can be used at the point of purchase as tools such as virtual try-on solutions, preview placement and as entertaining benefits such as product packaging activation and gamification. With VR, brands can create Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Events that allow users to experience special brand or product experience.

Applications of AR and VR

Lead Generation Campaign with WebAR

Since lead forms can be integrated in Web AR, brands can generate leads from WebAR and can also run only buyer coupon campaigns.

AR/VR activations at Physical Events

Integrate AR/VR experiences to Experimental Marketing campaign that boost brand user engagement, more immerse in campaign, generate data through analytics and create memorable brand experience.

Virtual Event on WebAR

In a world where physical contact is harder than ever, WebAR Experiences such as Virtual Expo Booth and Showrooms are needed.

AR Commerce

Augmented Reality can help buyers ease online buying experience by allowing them to preview the 3D digital product around their place or on their bodies.

Virtual Showroom

Open your 24/7 store at virtual world. Make digital twin of your current physical showroom. Integrate VR showroom to your existing ecommerce and enrich customer experience with immersive contents.

Virtual Events

VR Events are more immersive and bring memorable experience under the concept of experiential marketing.

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