Interactive Installations

Create experiential marketing campaign which is a live interaction between a brand and its audience enhanced with immersive ARVR and interactive game.

Brand Experience Solutions

Experiential Marketing

Integrate AR/VR and Gamified Experience into events as part of your experiential marketing strategy to attract more visitors, boost brand user engagement, more immerse in campaign and generate event data through analytics and create memorable brand experience. Create unforgettable event experience to remember your brand later.

Why Interactive Installations?

Immersive experiential marketing campaigns are effective because they allow consumers to fully engage with a brand and its message in a tangible way. These campaigns create a sense of immersion, where consumers feel like they are fully immersed in the brand’s world or story.

This level of engagement can lead to a stronger emotional connection to the brand and a more memorable experience for the consumer and increased brand awareness and loyalty. It can encourage attendees to share their experience on social media and helping to create buzz for the brand.


AR Installation

A photo booth with augmented reality filters and props that visitors can use to take and share social media photos. AR Games on a screen can also attract visitors to play with their physical movement and earn rewards.

Interactive Game Installation

A touchscreen game/quiz or voice activation game that visitors can play and compete in to win prizes or discounts on products or services.

VR Experience Installation

A virtual reality booth or VR Game at an event where visitors can experience a simulated product demo or immersive gamified experience that is related to product benefits.

Projection Mapping Installation

A live projection mapping display on a building or stage that allows attendees to interact with and control the visuals through their smartphones.

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