Social AR Filter

Helping marketers run interactive marketing campaign innovatively.

Reach out to the most audience on Facebook and Instagram with your promotional content enhanced with an interactive AR experience. Takes user attention completely and lets users enjoy the stunning AR experiences with highly engaging and keep as long as they have fun.

Social AR campaign through marketing objectives


To raise brand awareness, Brands can publish social AR filter that relates to new product launch campaign or seasonal events or festivals or celebrity or entertainment by enhancing emotional connection.


Brands can use those AR effects enabling user-generated content and AR games to run innovative contest campaigns that boost engagement from fans and increase brand recall. Build a relationship with your would-be customer at the consideration stage with AR engagement campaigns. Designate AR contest and integrate into chatbot to run a full AR innovative contest.


Social AR effects boost sales by running “try before you buy” or using it as “an entertaining benefit” at the point of purchase. This is a great way to add a special, fun bonus or give the customer a chance to participate in the AR contest by purchasing products.

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