Virtual Experience Solutions​

Start your experiential narketing strategy in a virtual world/metaverse with our virtual experience solutions.

Virtual Experience Solutions

Virtual Exhibitions and Metaverse Events

In a world where physical contact is harder than ever, Metaverse Events and Virtual expos/exhibitions are growing to replace physical events. Metaverse Events and Virtual Exhibitions are more immersive and bring memorable experiences under the concept of experiential marketing. Increase traffic and create immersive engagement between brand and users with browser-based virtual events that can be accessible from anywhere anytime any device.


Virtual Exhibitions

Stay connected with your customers with 360° virtual trade show or exhibition. Host branded virtual exhibitions to engage audiences online, and provide next-gen immersive brand experiences. Let customers immerse themselves in the virtual world and explore presented exhibitions, showcases and videos. Integrate eCommerce and other interactive tools in Virtual Exhibitions to achieve marketing objectives.


Metaverse Events

Build a remarkable stunning brand experience in the Metaverse to create positive brand association and strengthen emotional connection. Walk through in a 3D environment with your own avatar. Audiences can meet in person with other attendees and Exhibitors in the metaverse event. Connect each other like Zoom Video Meeting but in a 3D virtual world with your own avatar that provides a fully immersive walkthrough experience. Host Metaverse events for different use cases such as Conference, Product Launch, Forum, Seasonal Events, and Shows to achieve PR objectives.

Create Customised VR Room

A private virtual meeting space that you can instantly share - no downloads or VR headset necessary.

Communicate and Collaborate

Choose an avatar to represent you, put on your headphones, and jump right in.

An easier way to share media

Share content with others in your room by dragging and dropping photos, videos, PDF files, links, and 3D models into your space.

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