Zee Kwat AR App

Find the best deals in a fun way while exploring the city with augmented reality experience.

Our mission is to bring the world closer with immersive technologies. Especially during the pandemic, most people need to change their lifestyle to new normal. They can feel separated and alone with mental problems. Immersive technology can assist people in simply adjusting to a new and regular lifestyle while also re-creating some of the social interactions they lose amid the pandemic.

Have you enjoyed playing Pokemon Go?

If yes, we guarantee you also enjoy Zee Kwat AR App. Explore the city with AR navigation to catch up the deals that local shops, restaurants and merchants offer. Excitement deals are popping up in front of our partner shops. Learn more about shop information, discount, menu, review immersively before enter. Stay safe with our contactless social distancing AR navigation and immersive contents.




How it works


Explore map in the Zee Kwat App and find AR coverage area.


Go to this AR coverage area in your town.


Open camera in the app and enjoy the AR experiences to the fullest on the road.


Find and learn deals and offers with immersive contents and grab them.

Choose the perfect plan


Per month


Per month


Per month

Why Zee Kwat?


Because you can navigate via AR and explore the city through AR experience in our App.

Media Enrichment

You can search the shops and their information through AR visual interactive digital contents.


Enjoy the best deals in town with augmented reality immersive shopping experience.

Attract Visitors

For business owner, Zee Kwat is brand new channel for promotion to generate venue traffic.

More Conversion

List your shop on Zee Kwat AR app to be found by more consumers and boost sales.

Marketing Campaign

Ability to add extra AR experiences to build your brand and create better buying experience in one place.