Helping Marketers run interactive marketing campaigns innovatively

Enables marketers, brands, and agencies to focus on more creative content and ideas by helping them in putting their ideas into action through technical expertise.


We solve real problems of today marketing landscape.

Marketers need tech support.

Today, a lot of brands are using digital to engage with their audiences interactively.
And Marketers have innovative ideas for interactive marketing campaigns but they don't have enough technical resources, time (and maybe big budget) to implement them.

Marketers need collaborative tool.

To manage outsourced projects properly, it needs a unified workspace to collaborate with suppliers/vendors. It also needs to collaborates live on tasks and documents with vendors.

About Platform

Our solutions for above problems. is a platform that provides interactive marketing solutions to help marketers run interactive marketing campaigns innovatively.

On our platform, Marketers can get shit done in implementing their ideas to engage with customers on digital that amplify awareness, conversion, and start a relationship or achieve retention goals with our interactive marketing solutions.
Marketers can easily manage outsourcing projects using built-in collaborative onboarding workspace.

On demand platform for your interactive marketing campaigns.

See what interactive campaign tools are available for you.

Social AR Filter

Reach out to the most audience on Facebook and Instagram with your promotional content enhanced with interactive AR experience. Enhance your engagement campaign with AR Game and go viral.

AR Experience

The new AR customer experience are engaging with customers to create unique brand experiences. Augmented reality can offer better buying experiences (online or store) to boost sales.

3D 360 Virtual Store

Open your shop at virtual world and prepare for Metaverse. Attract your customers with VR store. Integrate with your existing ecommerce and enrich customer experience with immersive contents.

Playable Ads

Attract your audiences with latest ads format. Give More information with One dynamic Ads. Playable ads can induce customers to download your promoted app. Playable ad format is an interactive gaming unit for Facebook and Audience Network.

Instant Mini Game

Capture customers' attention, boost user engagement and increase brand recall with the mini-game contest. Improve your campaign performance with game as they are more attractive and more entertaining.

Digital Promotion Tools

Add gamification  to your mobile marketing efforts with Spin & Win and Scratch & WIn solutions.  These gamified solutions can improve brand awareness, generate leads, increase store visits and conversions.

Our Working Process

Find out our working process and how it works.

1. Provide Briefing

On our platform, marketers can easily create briefing by answering questions.

2. view Proposals

Marketers can review different proposals and negotiate on the prefer proposal.

3. Share documents

Both marketer side and supplier side can share the required documents easily.

4. track Projects

With our built-in collaborative management tools, marketers can track the progress of the projects

Why us

Over Other Creative Agencies?

Varity of Campaign Tools

Marketers can ask for a variety of campaign toolkits in one place.

Pre-installed Templates

Marketers can use ready-to-use campaign templates deploying our blended knowledge of Marketing and Technology.

Unified Collaborative Worksapce

Marketers and vendors can transparently work on outsourcing projects.

Pool of Talented Creatives

Marketers can get best in class AR Marketing and Gamified Solutions with the help of young creatives.

Hear From Our Clients

Friendlier service, their knowledge and suggestions are really helpful for my campaigns.
General Manager

Our Client Agencies

We have partnered with renowned names in the industry.

Ready To Run Interactive Marketing Campaigns? is an on demand interactive campaign toolkits platform that helps Brands and Marketing Agencies run interactive marketing campaigns innovatively cost-effectively.