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Interactive Marketing Solutions

Gamification Marketing

Capture customers’ attention, boost engagement and increase brand recall with interactive game and contest. Thanks to the reward system, people love to win a chance by engaging with the brand. Improve your campaign performance with interactive game as they are more attractive and more entertaining. Make them ready to consider your brand when they want to purchase your Brand’s product category with Gamified Campaigns.

Why gamification?


Get more attention and engagement from audiences with excited attraction.

Positive Brand Association

Start a memorable relationship with your audiences and create emotional connection.


Generate leads, user data and social shares as User-generated contents.


Increase traffic to your on and offline stores and sales due to reward  and coupon system.

Types of gamification

Luck-based Game (Coupon Type)

Digital sales promotion solutions such as Lucky Draw, Instant rewards with Spin the wheel, Scratch Card and redemption process included in this campaign.

Knowledge Game (Quiz Type)

Famous Facebook Quiz type, but base on website. Users can experience the value of the quiz and share their results to social media.

Branded Mini-Game (Skill Based)

Just like mobile instant mini-game,users can show skill, commitment and occupy top ranking at leaderboard to win prizes.

HTML-5 Game that is responsive to every mobile devices.

Generate Leads to enrich your CRM. Data submitted by users is owned by you.

Dashboard for campaign data analytics and prize editing.

Include leaderboard to enhance gamification and rewarding.

Social login such as Google, Facebook to create user account.

Share and embed everywhere as social share and social embed.

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