How Remax Brand celebrated Myanmar New Year (Thingyan Festival)

We are excited to share our previous project with Remax Myanmar, a leading distributor of electronic devices and gadgets in Myanmar. Our goal was to bring together the festive spirit of Thingyan and our expertise in technology through a Facebook AR campaign.

Our Facebook AR game marketing campaign for Remax Myanmar’s Thingyan celebration was designed to engage users and bring the excitement of Thingyan to their mobile devices. We created a custom-made game filter that allowed users to immerse themselves in Thingyan culture and take fun selfies with festive filters. Our game filter generated buzz and excitement on social media, increasing brand visibility and engagement.

The concept of the campaign was inspired by the adorable social culture of the Myanmar people. We took inspiration from the traditional Thingyan food, Mote Lone Yay Paw, made with jaggery and rice powder, and added a fun twist to it. In Myanmar, people like to create funny moments by putting chillies inside some random Mote Lone Yay Paw instead of jaggery. We incorporated this idea into our game, where users had to catch and eat Mote Lone Yay Paw while avoiding chillies to win prizes.

Credit- Remax Myanmar

The user journey for our Facebook AR game marketing campaign was simple and intuitive. Users saw Remax Myanmar’s Facebook post showcasing the game filter effect and clicked on the link to participate. Once they were redirected to the Facebook app, they could start playing Thingyan-inspired games, take fun selfies, and share game results. The game filter was designed to allow users to share their results and experiences on social media, creating a viral effect and increasing brand visibility.

The campaign was a success, with over 6K opens, 2.6K captures, 0.7K shares, and 92.1K impressions. We are delighted to support innovative technologies and creativity that deliver extraordinary user experiences for valued customers.

In conclusion, our Facebook AR game marketing campaign was a fun and engaging way for Remax Myanmar to celebrate Thingyan with their customers while increasing brand visibility and engagement on social media. We look forward to creating more innovative campaigns in the future.