Navigating the Cookie-less World: The Importance of Lead Generation and Innovative Strategies

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the impending demise of third-party cookies has left marketers facing a significant challenge: how to effectively generate leads and drive conversions in a cookie-less world. As traditional tracking methods become obsolete, brands must adapt and embrace innovative strategies to capture and nurture leads. Let’s delve into why leads are more important than ever and explore creative tactics for running successful lead-generation campaigns.

Embracing the Cookieless Future

1. Focus on First-Party Data: With the decline of third-party cookies, prioritize building and leveraging first-party data collected directly from your audience. Encourage users to opt into data collection through transparent and value-driven interactions, such as personalized recommendations or exclusive content offerings.

2. Implement Consent Management: Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations by implementing robust consent management solutions. Provide clear and granular options for users to control their data preferences, building trust and transparency in your brand’s data practices.

3. Explore Contextual Targeting: Shift towards contextual advertising strategies that target users based on the content they engage with rather than their browsing history. Contextual targeting allows you to deliver relevant ads in alignment with the user’s current interests and behavior, without relying on cookies.

4. Invest in Customer Relationships: Focus on building meaningful relationships with your audience through personalized experiences and authentic interactions. Leverage CRM platforms to centralize customer data and deliver tailored messaging across channels, driving engagement and loyalty.

The Importance of Leads in a Cookie-less World

1. Personalized Marketing: With the loss of third-party cookies, personalized advertising will become more challenging. Generating leads allows brands to collect first-party data directly from consumers, enabling personalized marketing efforts tailored to individual preferences and behaviors.

2. Building Relationships: Leads represent potential customers who have expressed interest in your brand or product. By nurturing these leads through targeted communication and engagement, brands can build meaningful relationships, foster trust, and ultimately drive conversions.

3. Data Ownership: Relying solely on third-party data poses risks in terms of data privacy regulations and limitations imposed by platform changes. Generating leads allows brands to own and control their data, reducing dependency on external sources and mitigating compliance concerns.

Lead Generation Strategies for the Cookieless World

1. Gamification: Engage your audience with interactive games that offer rewards or incentives for participation. Browser-based games and AR filter games can captivate users’ attention, encourage interaction, and collect valuable lead information in a fun and engaging manner.

2. Contests and Giveaways: Host contests or giveaways that require users to submit their contact information for entry. Offer enticing prizes or exclusive offers to incentivize participation and drive lead generation.

3. Interactive Content: Create interactive content such as quizzes, assessments, or calculators that provide value to users while capturing their contact information. Interactive content drives engagement and encourages users to actively participate, making it an effective lead-generation tool.

4. Social Media Campaigns: Leverage social media platforms to reach and engage your target audience. Run lead-generation ads with compelling visuals and messaging, directing users to dedicated landing pages where they can provide their contact information in exchange for valuable content or offers.

5. Email Marketing: Nurture leads through targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver valuable content, promotions, and personalized recommendations. Use segmentation and automation to deliver relevant messaging based on user interests and behavior.

6. Marketing Automation: Implement marketing automation tools to streamline lead-nurturing processes and deliver personalized content at scale. Segment leads based on their interests and behaviors to deliver targeted messaging that resonates with each individual.

Following are examples of Lead Generation Campaigns developed by

1. AR Game – Milo

Milo launched an AR game campaign aimed at boosting engagement from fans and increasing brand recall. By leveraging an AR effect, users were encouraged to participate in innovative contest campaigns, driving user-generated content and interaction. Gamification played a key role in enhancing engagement, with users needing to submit their results through photos to participate. The AR game boasted an impressive 6000 times open rate and 1400 times capture rate, highlighting its effectiveness in capturing audience attention and fostering brand interaction.

2. UGC Microsite – Nescafe

Nescafe celebrated Christmas and the 2023 New Year with a wish letter campaign designed to engage audiences and drive lead generation. They launched a microsite that enabled audiences to write wishes and share them with their loved ones. By providing a platform for users to create and share personalized content, Nescafe successfully generated leads while fostering meaningful connections with their audience.

3. Browser Game – Kirin Ichiban

Kirin, known for its experience-driven approach, sought to captivate and engage its audience while promoting their Kirin Ichiban product. The primary objective of the campaign was to boost engagement from fans, create a fun and interactive experience, and ultimately drive lead generation. The campaign kicked off with the creation of an interactive browser game, accessible across various platforms.

In conclusion, lead generation remains crucial in today’s cookie-less world, providing brands with valuable opportunities to engage with their audience, build relationships, and drive conversions. By leveraging innovative tactics such as gamification, contests, and AR filter games, and utilizing the right tools and technologies, brands can adapt to the changing landscape and thrive in a cookie-less environment.

Captivating the Modern Consumer: The Power of Interactive Marketing

In the fast-paced world of marketing, grabbing the attention of consumers has become a Herculean task. Today’s consumers are bombarded with a staggering 3,000 commercial messages daily, yet they only manage to remember a mere 4 of them. In this crowded landscape, traditional marketing methods often fall short. To stand out and connect with an audience that spends more time online than ever, brands must break free from the norm.

Enter the realm of Interactive Marketing.

💡 Interactive marketing, a tried-and-tested tactic for over a decade, demands active engagement from the audience to fully experience the brand. It fosters a two-way dialogue between the brand and its followers, prospects, or consumers. The beauty of interactive marketing lies in its seamless integration into inbound marketing strategies, being as impactful as blog posts, social media updates, and emails.

Unleashing the Potential of Interactive Marketing: Diversify Your Approach

Interactive marketing is a versatile tool that can be effectively wielded in various forms. Here are some stimulating types of interactive marketing to incorporate into your strategy:

  1. 🎉 Contests: Everyone loves a good contest, especially when it offers attractive offers and giveaways. Launching contests periodically keeps your audience engaged, connected, and eager to win exciting rewards.
  2. 📝 Quizzes and Tests: Simple yet powerful, quizzes invite your audience to interact and learn more about your brand. Whether based on pictures, videos, audio, or text, quizzes offer valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and needs.
  3. 📊 Polls and Surveys: The age-old way of asking questions never loses its charm. Polls and surveys are excellent tools to understand your audience’s opinions and collect valuable customer data, leading to improved customer experiences.
  4. 📸 User-Generated Content (UGC): Authenticity matters, and UGC is a treasure trove of it. Photos, videos, testimonials, and more created by unpaid contributors generate higher engagement and trust, making them a potent addition to your strategy. Social AR Filters work here to run UGC campaigns. With AR filters, Branded Photos or Videos can be generated and easily shared on social media.
  5. đŸŽĨ Interactive Videos: Transform passive viewers into active participants with interactive videos. Incorporating clickable elements, 360° views, scrolling, and other digital actions creates an immersive experience that captivates your audience.
  6. 🕹ī¸ Games: Injecting fun into your content can make a world of difference. Puzzles, memory games, and other interactive formats elevate your content above the noise and offer a competitive edge.
  7. 📖 Interactive Storytelling: Engaging visuals, such as interactive infographics, pictures, gifs, and videos, transform your content into an easily digestible and valuable experience for readers.

Why Interactive Marketing is Crucial: Unleashing the Power of Engagement

Interactive content holds a commanding edge over static content, capturing attention with 81% more effectiveness. Embracing interactive marketing offers a multitude of advantages:

  1. 🌟 Improving Brand Awareness: Fun and original interactive content leaves a positive, modern impression, fostering a stronger connection between your audience and your brand.
  2. đŸ‘Ĩ Boosting Audience Engagement: Interactive experiences, like quizzes, games, and personalized content, entice your audience to return and actively interact with your brand.
  3. 🔐 Building Audience Loyalty: By gathering data and personalizing interactions, you can forge lasting relationships with your audience, promoting loyalty and trust.
  4. đŸ’ŧ Converting Prospects into Customers: Interactive content increases submission rates, collecting more data and facilitating the conversion of prospects into loyal customers.

Unlock the Potential of Interactive Marketing for Data Collection

In the face of a cookieless world and evolving data collection strategies, interactive marketing takes center stage for gathering first-party and zero-party data. By offering valuable, entertaining, and relevant content, interactive marketing encourages consumers to share insights about themselves.

As the marketing landscape evolves, interactive marketing stands as a powerful ally at every stage of your customer’s journey – from data collection to audience engagement and customer retention. Embrace the interactivity revolution, and your brand will soar to new heights in the digital era.

Interactive marketing in practice: examples of major brands 

AR Game

Milo used an AR effect enabling user-generated content and AR games to run innovative contest campaigns that boost engagement from fans and increase brand recall. To promote engagement from fans, gamification will be the best choice. User-generated Content campaigns enhanced with AR Games can boost engagement and raise brand awareness in users’ networks. This AR Game has a 6000 times open rate and 1400 times capture rate. Like photo contest campaigns, users need to submit the results through photos to participate in the campaign.

Microsite Game

Kirin, an experience-driven brand, aimed to captivate and engage its audience while promoting their Kirin Ichiban product. The primary goal was to boost engagement from fans, create a fun and interactive experience, and increase retention on games. Additionally, they sought to achieve a higher conversion rate and encourage repeat purchases.
The campaign kicked off with the creation of an interactive game that was initially developed as a Web Game. This decision allowed for easy integration on various platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience. The game was centered around Kirin’s brand essence and allowed players to taste the Kirin Experience virtually.

Kirin’s Experience with Game campaign achieved outstanding results, meeting its goals and KPIs. The interactive game proved to be a massive hit, capturing the attention of the target audience and boosting engagement significantly. The use of gaming mechanics elicited excitement among players, who were eager to play and win rewards.

The campaign’s performance was monitored and tracked through a comprehensive dashboard provided by The dashboard presented essential metrics, including Total Players, Traffic, and Facebook Account statistics. This real-time data allowed Kirin to assess the campaign’s effectiveness and make data-driven decisions to optimize results.

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Microsites: Enhancing Brand Engagement and Interactivity

Microsites have emerged as a valuable platform for businesses and brands to effectively reach their target consumers. Also known as “branded blogs,” “communication platforms,” or “independent campaigns,” microsites serve as websites dedicated to publishing content that drives interaction and engagement with the brand.

But what exactly is a microsite?

A microsite is a website with branded content that exists outside of a brand or business’s homepage. What sets it apart from a company-branded platform is that the URL usually does not include the name of the sponsoring company. By registering a new domain name, a microsite is born.

Types of Microsites

Microsites can be broadly categorized into two main types: campaign-based microsites and continuous content publishing microsites.

Campaign-based Microsites

Campaign-based microsites are independent websites created specifically to anchor or support a branded campaign. They are launched and filled with content according to the brand’s strategy and then left to thrive independently.

A notable example of a campaign-based microsite is, created to promote the premiere of Season 4 of the Netflix series “House of Cards.” This microsite playfully parodied politics while generating hype and interest in the series. Visitors were invited to join the main character, Underwood’s movement and rally support for “important” issues like inequality and entitlement. With its captivating design, attention-grabbing elements, and high-quality videos, the microsite provided compelling reasons for users to engage with its content.

The advantage of campaign-based microsites is their ability to be developed, amplified, and left to grow organically. If the microsite is well-designed and captivating, it can attract significant traffic without continuous effort. Brands and businesses can choose to update the microsite occasionally or amplify it on an ongoing basis, but the bulk of the development work is typically completed during the initial phase.

Microsites with Continuous Content Publishing

These microsites function similarly to media sites, regularly publishing original content without a definitive end date unless discontinued.

A prominent example of a microsite in this category is Red Bull’s Red Bulletin, which operates as an online magazine. With daily content updates, complete staffing, occasional redesigns, and steady growth, this microsite keeps readers engaged over time.

Launching and maintaining microsites that continually post relevant content can be challenging. However, if executed successfully, these microsites offer an engaging way for businesses and brands to interact with customers, increase relevance, and foster growth.

Benefits of Microsites

Microsites offer several benefits that help businesses and brands connect with their target audience and enhance brand awareness.

  • Creating and Increasing Brand Awareness: Microsites showcase essential elements of a brand or business in a tangible and interactive manner. They are designed to be highly shareable across social media platforms, effectively boosting brand awareness and expanding growth potential. By featuring essential elements of a brand in a tangible and interactive way, microsites can boost brand recognition and growth potential. They are highly shareable on social media platforms, further expanding their reach.
  • Gamification: Microsites are an excellent platform for creating games that work seamlessly on mobile, computers, and tablets. Unlike mobile applications, users don’t need to download anything but can simply visit the URL and join in the fun.
  • Cost-effective: Microsites typically consist of a smaller number of web pages, resulting in significantly lower development and setup costs. These sites often focus on delivering essential and engaging content without the need for an extensive web infrastructure.

In summary, microsites offer businesses and brand a valuable tool to reach their target audience, foster engagement, and enhance brand awareness. With their versatility, interactivity, and cost-effectiveness, microsites are a powerful addition to any marketing strategy, enabling businesses to stay connected with consumers and drive growth in an increasingly digital world.

Benefits of Gamification in Marketing

á€á€¯á€á€œá€ąá€Ŧ social media ပေá€Ģá€ēမှá€Ŧ Wordle Game လေး viral ဖá€ŧစá€ēသá€Ŋá€Ŧးကို မá€ŧငá€ēပá€ŧီးသá€Ŋá€Ŧးကá€ŧပá€ŧá€Žá€œá€­á€¯á€ˇ ထငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ēဗá€ģ။ ဒá€Ģ့ကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē gamification á€€á€”á€ąá€›á€”á€­á€¯á€„á€ēတဲ့ Brand တá€Ŋေအတá€Ŋကá€ē အကá€ģိုးကá€ģေးဇူးလေးတá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ ရှá€Ŧပá€ŧီး list လုပá€ēပေးပá€Ģရစေ။ Gamification ကနေရတဲ့ အကá€ŧီးမá€Ŧးဆုá€ļး အကá€ģိုးကá€ģေးဇူးကတေá€Ŧ့ Branded Game ဆေá€Ŧ့ခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē audience တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ immersive, fun experience ကို á€•á€ąá€¸á€”á€­á€¯á€„á€ēတá€Ŧကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē audience မá€ģá€Ŧးအနေနဲ့ campaign မှတဆင့á€ē Brand ကို ကá€ŧá€Ŧကá€ŧá€Ŧမှတá€ēá€™á€­á€…á€ąá€”á€­á€¯á€„á€ēတá€Ŧပဲ ဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ ခုလို experience ကေá€Ŧငá€ēးကေá€Ŧငá€ēးပေးပá€ŧီး brand နဲ့ customer ကá€ŧá€Ŧး emotional connection လုပá€ēထá€Ŧးတá€Ŧက audience တá€Ŋေ စိတá€ēထဲမှá€Ŧ Brand Name ကို စá€Ŋဲသá€Ŋá€Ŧးစေပá€ŧီး á€‘á€­á€¯á€žá€°á€á€­á€¯á€ˇá€€ product တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ ဝယá€ēá€šá€°á€–á€­á€¯á€ˇ ရá€Ŋေးခá€ģယá€ēစá€Ĩá€ēးစá€Ŧးတဲ့အခá€Ģ á€€á€­á€¯á€šá€ˇá€ē Brand ကို အရငá€ēဆုá€ļး သတိရမိစေမှá€Ŧပဲ ဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Memorable Experience ကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē Brand Recall ပိုမá€ŧင့á€ēစေတá€Ŧအပá€ŧငá€ē Gamification ကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē ရတဲ့ အကá€ģိုးကá€ģေးဇူးတá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯á€œá€Šá€ēး အေá€Ŧကá€ēမှá€Ŧ ဖေá€Ŧá€ēပá€ŧပေးပá€Ģတယá€ē။

1. Increases User Engagement

reward တá€Ŋေကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē Gamfication Campaign တá€Ŋေမှá€Ŧ engagement rate မá€ģá€Ŧá€¸á€–á€­á€¯á€ˇá€†á€­á€¯á€á€Ŧ အငá€ēမတနá€ēမှ promising ဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ ခုလို audiene တá€Ŋေအနေနဲ့ brand ကို engage လá€Ŧလုပá€ēခá€ŧငá€ēးဟá€Ŧ long-term relationship တစá€ēခုကိုစလိုကá€ēခá€ŧငá€ēးလညá€ēး ဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

2. Makes the promotional offers more interesting

á€€á€­á€¯á€šá€ˇá€ēရဲ့ product အသစá€ēဖá€ŧစá€ēဖá€ŧစá€ē အခá€ŧá€Ŧးသေá€Ŧ incentive ပေးထá€Ŧးတဲ့ offer တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯á€–á€ŧစá€ēဖá€ŧစá€ē á€œá€°á€•á€­á€¯á€žá€­á€Ąá€ąá€Ŧငá€ē၊ ပိုစိတá€ēဝငá€ēစá€Ŧးအေá€Ŧငá€ē လုပá€ēတဲ့ campaign တá€Ŋေမှá€Ŧလညá€ēး Branded Game တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ ထည့á€ēသá€Ŋငá€ēးသုá€ļးနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Gamification ရဲ့ á€Ąá€”á€­á€¯á€„á€ēရလိုစိတá€ēနဲ့ ဆုလကá€ēဆေá€Ŧငá€ē တá€Ŋေက ပုá€ļမှနá€ē ads တá€Ŋေထကá€ē customer တá€Ŋေရဲ့ attention ကို ပိုရနိုငá€ēမှá€Ŧပဲဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

3. Helps to gather useful customer data

lead generation လုပá€ēခá€ģငá€ēá€œá€­á€¯á€ˇá€–á€ŧစá€ēဖá€ŧစá€ē၊ survey ကေá€Ŧကá€ēခá€ģငá€ēá€œá€­á€¯á€ˇá€–á€ŧစá€ēဖá€ŧစá€ē Game တá€Ŋá€ąá€›á€˛á€ˇá€Ąá€†á€¯á€ļးမှá€Ŧ form ထည့á€ēပá€ŧီး customer data တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ generate လုပá€ēနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ မှá€Ŧဆိုရငá€ēတေá€Ŧ့ á€Ąá€†á€­á€¯á€•á€Ģ သကá€ēဆိုငá€ēရá€Ŧ brand တá€Ŋေက collect ထá€Ŧးတဲ့ data တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ brand တá€Ŋေရဲ့ policy á€Ąá€á€­á€¯á€„á€ēး တိတိကá€ģကá€ģ လိုကá€ēနá€Ŧဆေá€Ŧငá€ēရá€Ŋကá€ēပေးလá€ģှကá€ēရှိပá€Ģတယá€ē။

4. Generates User-generated Contents

Game မှá€Ŧ engage လá€Ŧလုပá€ēတဲ့ player တá€Ŋေ ရေá€Ŧကá€ēနေတဲ့ level တá€Ŋေ၊ Worldle Game လိုမá€ģိုး player တá€Ŋá€ąá€›á€œá€­á€¯á€€á€ēတဲ့ အဖá€ŧေတá€Ŋေ၊ achievement တá€Ŋေ၊ badge တá€Ŋေ၊ prize တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ social media ပေá€Ģá€ē တိုကá€ēရိုကá€ē share စေခá€ģငá€ēခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē မသိသေးတဲ့ သူတá€Ŋေပá€Ģ သိသá€Ŋá€Ŧးနိုငá€ēတá€Ŧမá€ģိုးတá€Ŋေ၊ viral ဖá€ŧစá€ēသá€Ŋá€Ŧးနိုငá€ēတá€Ŧမá€ģိုးတá€Ŋေ စတဲ့အကá€ģိုးကá€ģေးဇူးတá€Ŋေလညá€ēး ရရသိနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

5. Increases conversion rates and traffic

Brand ရဲ့ အဓိက purpose က website(eCommerce) or physical store မှá€Ŧ traffic တကá€ēရနá€ē၊ product á€•á€­á€¯á€›á€ąá€Ŧငá€ēးရရနá€ēအတá€Ŋကá€ē ဆိုရငá€ēလညá€ēး game ရဲ့ နေá€Ŧကá€ēဆုá€ļးအဆင့á€ēမှá€Ŧ coupon code တá€Ŋေ discount တá€Ŋေပေးပá€ŧီး á€€á€­á€¯á€šá€ˇá€ēဆဎကို customer ရေá€Ŧကá€ēလá€Ŧအေá€Ŧငá€ē လုပá€ēနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ ဒá€Ģကတေá€Ŧ့ campaign objective နဲ့ ခá€ģိတá€ēပá€ŧီး branding သကá€ēသကá€ē နဲ့ customer engagement တá€Ŋေတကá€ēလá€Ŧအေá€Ŧငá€ē reward တá€Ŋေပေးမှá€Ŧလá€Ŧး၊ sales တကá€ēအေá€Ŧငá€ē reward အဖá€ŧစá€ē coupon တá€Ŋေပေးမှá€Ŧလá€Ŧးဆိုတá€Ŧကို သတá€ēမှတá€ēနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

အထကá€ēပá€Ģဖေá€Ŧá€ēပá€ŧခဲ့တá€Ŧတá€Ŋေကတေá€Ŧ့ ဘယá€ē social media platform ကိုမသ á€™á€™á€žá€Žá€á€­á€¯á€˜á€˛ web-based gamification campaign တá€Ŋေ run ခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē ရရှိလá€Ŧမယ့á€ē ရရသိနိုငá€ēမယ့á€ē အကá€ģိုးကá€ģေးဇူးတá€Ŋေပဲ ​ဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Gamification Solutions တá€Ŋေအကá€ŧေá€Ŧငá€ēးကို ဒီ မှá€Ŧလညá€ēး လေ့လá€Ŧá€œá€­á€¯á€ˇá€›á€•á€Ģတယá€ē။

Benefits of running engagement campaigns using digital coupon tools.

Digital marketing campaign တá€Ŋေမှá€Ŧ display ads တá€Ŋေက ကိုယá€ēမá€ģှေá€Ŧá€ēမှနá€ēးထá€Ŧးသလေá€Ŧကá€ē Engagement တá€Ŋေ traffic မတကá€ēဘူးဆိုရငá€ē marketer တá€Ŋေအနေနဲ့  interactive campaigns တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ Digital Tools တá€Ŋá€ąá€žá€¯á€ļးပá€ŧီး run နိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ á€Ąá€†á€­á€¯á€•á€Ģ ဆနá€ēးသစá€ēသေá€Ŧ innovative campaigns တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ run ခá€ŧငá€ēးအá€Ŧးဖá€ŧင့á€ē customer တá€Ŋေနဲ့ engagement  á€•á€­á€¯á€™á€­á€¯á€€á€ąá€Ŧငá€ēးလá€Ŧမညá€ēဖá€ŧစá€ēကá€Ŧ competitor တá€Ŋေထကá€ē market ထဲမှá€Ŧ နှá€Ŧတစá€ēဖá€ģá€Ŧး အသá€Ŧရမှá€Ŧပဲဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

Innovative Campaign တá€Ŋေ run ရနá€ēအတá€Ŋကá€ē သုá€ļးနိုငá€ēတဲ့ Digital Tools တá€Ŋေကတေá€Ŧ့ Instant Mini-game, Quiz, Scratch & Win, Spin & Win စသညá€ēá€á€­á€¯á€ˇá€•á€˛á€–á€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Engagement campaigns run ခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē ရရသိနိုငá€ēတဲ့ အကá€ģိုးကá€ģေးဇူးမá€ģá€Ŧးကို စုစညá€ēးဖေá€Ŧá€ēပá€ŧá€•á€ąá€¸á€œá€­á€¯á€€á€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

Connect with your customers

အကေá€Ŧငá€ēးဆုá€ļးအခá€ģကá€ēကတေá€Ŧ့ á€€á€­á€¯á€šá€ˇá€ē customer တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ ပုá€ļမှနá€ē ads တá€Ŋေပဲ ပá€ŧနေတá€Ŧမဟုတá€ēပဲ customer နဲ့ brand အကá€ŧá€Ŧး campaign ကနေတဆင့á€ē customer အတá€Ŋကá€ē အကá€ģá€­á€¯á€¸á€›á€žá€­á€…á€ąá€á€˛á€ˇ value ပေးခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē အပá€ŧနá€ēအလှနá€ē ဆကá€ēသá€Ŋယá€ēနိုငá€ēမှá€Ŧပဲဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Brand activity တစá€ēခုလညá€ēး ဖá€ŧစá€ēသá€Ŋá€Ŧးတá€Ŧကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē customer တá€Ŋေဘကá€ēကá€ŧည့á€ēရငá€ē á€€á€­á€¯á€šá€ˇá€ē Brand ဟá€Ŧ á€›á€­á€¯á€¸á€™á€”á€ąá€á€ąá€Ŧ့ပဲ အသကá€ēဝငá€ēလသုပá€ēရှá€Ŧးလá€Ŧမှá€Ŧလညá€ēး ဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ ခုလို Covid ကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē outdoor activity တá€Ŋá€ąá€œá€¯á€•á€ēá€œá€­á€¯á€ˇá€™á€›á€á€˛á€ˇá€Ąá€á€ģိနá€ēမှá€Ŧ Digital ပေá€Ģá€ēက interactive campaign တá€Ŋေက အကေá€Ŧငá€ēးဆုá€ļးဖá€ŧစá€ēမယá€ēá€œá€­á€¯á€ˇá€œá€Šá€ēး ထငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။


လူတá€Ŋေရဲ့သဘေá€Ŧအရ ယှá€Ĩá€ēပá€ŧိုငá€ēá€Ąá€”á€­á€¯á€„á€ēယူပá€ŧီး reward တစá€ēခုခု ရတá€Ŧကို နှစá€ēသကá€ēတတá€ēကá€ŧတá€Ŧကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē campaign က Gamification ဖá€ŧစá€ēခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē á€žá€°á€á€­á€¯á€ˇá€›á€˛á€ˇ စိတá€ēဝငá€ēစá€Ŧá€¸á€™á€žá€¯á€”á€˛á€ˇ ပá€Ģဝငá€ēလိုမသုကို á€”á€žá€­á€¯á€¸á€†á€ąá€Ŧá€ēနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Game ကိုဝငá€ēဆေá€Ŧ့လေလေ audience ရဲ့ á€Ļးနှေá€Ŧကá€ēထဲ Brand က စá€Ŋဲမá€ŧဲလေ ဖá€ŧစá€ēကá€Ŧ Gamification ကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē Brand Recall ကို á€á€­á€¯á€¸á€…á€ąá€™á€žá€Ŧပဲဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

Easy collection of customer data

Campaign ကို Lead magnet တစá€ēá€á€¯á€Ąá€–á€ŧစá€ēá€Ąá€žá€¯á€ļးခá€ģပá€ŧီး participants တá€Ŋေရဲ့ info တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯á€œá€Šá€ēး ယူနိုငá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ á€Ąá€†á€­á€¯á€•á€Ģ contact info တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ နေá€Ŧကá€ēလá€Ŧမယ့á€ē Message Blast campaign တá€Ŋေအတá€Ŋကá€ēလညá€ēး ပá€ŧနá€ēá€Ąá€žá€¯á€ļးခá€ģနိုငá€ēမှá€Ŧဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

Generate venue traffic and boost sales

Discount ပေးတဲ့ Digital Coupon တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ campaign မှá€Ŧ ပေးခá€ŧငá€ēးဖá€ŧင့á€ē á€€á€­á€¯á€šá€ˇá€ē physical shop (á€žá€­á€¯á€ˇ) online shop ကို customer တá€Ŋေ ပိုမိုလá€Ŧရေá€Ŧကá€ēစေမှá€Ŧပဲဖá€ŧစá€ēသလို coupon ကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē customer တá€Ŋေအနေနဲ့ product မá€ģá€Ŧးကို ပိုမိုဝယá€ēယူကá€ŧကá€Ŧ အရေá€Ŧငá€ēးလညá€ēး ပိုတကá€ēလá€Ŧမှá€Ŧဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Digital Coupon တá€Ŋေကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē ပေးမယ့á€ēဆုကိုလညá€ēး real time manage လုပá€ēနိုငá€ēမှá€Ŧဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€ŧီး အလေအလá€Ŋင့á€ēနညá€ēးသá€Ŋá€Ŧးမှá€Ŧဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

á€Ąá€†á€­á€¯á€•á€Ģ campaign မá€ģá€Ŧး run ရနá€ēအတá€Ŋကá€ē tools မá€ģá€Ŧးကို မှ ရေးပေးလá€ģှကá€ēရှိတá€Ŧကá€ŧေá€Ŧင့á€ē လူကá€ŧီးမငá€ēá€¸á€á€­á€¯á€ˇ  á€Ąá€”္နဲအ local မှá€Ŧပဲ စá€ģေးသကá€ēသá€Ŧစá€Ŋá€Ŧဖá€ŧင့á€ē engagement campaign တá€Ŋေ run နိုငá€ēမှá€Ŧပဲဖá€ŧစá€ēပá€Ģတယá€ē။

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