Viber (or) An Exciting channel for marketing and branding

Viber community is growing bigger day by day. Viber has many features for business such as Viber Community, Business Messaging, Viber Sticker, Viber Bot, and new feature Viber Lens. Viber integrated with Snapchat to their application so users can experience AR filers and Games like Snapchat.

Viber Community

Viber lens is not just a fancy thing. It may be beneficial for us when we build the campaign strategically. Viber Lens is almost the same as Instagram/Facebook filters which are familiar to us. Almost every brand has a Viber channel and some even have Viber bots for their campaigns. The problem is that attracting audiences to the Viber channel might be difficult. This is because the experience Facebook or Instagram social media and Viber Channel are different and the Viber experience is more like messaging experience. So Brands need to have followers on their Viber channel in order to engage with their audiences on Viber Channel by sharing marketing messages at one-to-many communication. In order to attract followers to Viber Channel, Brands need to run campaigns on other media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Display Ads or within Viber app. Without value for audiences, they can’t join Brand Viber Channel easily. So we need to create value for audiences to join the Viber Channel or to engage with Viber Bot.

Viber Horoscope Lens for Viber Horoscope Chatbot

Just like Facebook/Instagram filters, Brands can run social contest campaigns like Photo or Video Contests and earn user-generated content with Viber Lens. This integrated marketing campaign will share on Omni-channels and the objective is to boost followers in Viber Channels. The campaign mechanism is that users need to take photos with Viber Lens which is only available on Brand’s Viber Channel and share the photo on social media to participate in the campaign. So they need to follow Viber Channel and use Brand’s Viber Lens. The benefit for brands is not ended here, Brands can also earn user-generated contents which are shared by users on other channels. Therefore, Brand Awareness can be increased at the same time. This is just an example of the Viber Lens Campaign. Other campaign mechanisms, such as Viber Lens and Viber Bot combo campaign, can be also built based on the Brand’s objectives.

If you are interested to launch Viber Lens, feel free to contact us. We pride ourselves in helping Viber to launch 4 Viber Lens for Myanmar Market.

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